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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives and works in Israel since 1980.

Graduate of Camera Obscura Art School – Photography department (1995) and Curators Seminar (2003)

Studio owner: photographs women as a personal experience.

Gives one on one and small groups workshops on photography, developing the creative mind and creating a portfolio.

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Artist’s Statement

“Living to tell”

I love stories: Life stories, cultural and gender identity, memory and how them affect life stories.

My family history makes me want to explore and touch an exposed nerve. Memories, words, pain, and love. The narrative of the images I create range from private to general, between the intimate and personal to political and social.
My cultural space was created from the inside and from the ongoing movement – between countries and languages, and from the dialogues with creators from different artistic disciplines.
Each series of works begin with an idea, when photography is a visual basis. From there I go off on a long artistic language search of the correct and accurate for all series: photography, manipulated photography, video art, text and sound.
At the processing phase I test and sort them through the prism of aesthetics, concept, intellect and ideology.

The transition from the studio into an exhibition space involves examining various options of size, framing, and media.