Her workshop

There is so much loneliness in the life of an artist.
This relentless need to do, say, create, give birth to yourself.
They say about us, the photographers, that we are voyeurists, I choose to call myself curious.
I am curious to break this loneliness, to look at the “alone” of other artists while they are in the studio.
What does the space look like? Big or small? Dark or bright? Wild or neat? Dirty or clean? What do they have in the studio beyond the artwork itself and the materials used in the work?
What do they do when they are not doing art?
I photographed only women artists, because we are (yet) not equal.
Because the gaze and photography have the power to increase the place and presence of women in the field, and it’s time.
Because meeting other artists gives them and me power that grows out of the repressed fraternity, the rebel fraternity.
I choose to be in this place, both I and myself.

The exhibition in 3d simulation by Smadar Tzook

קטלוג התערוכה