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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives and works in Israel since 1980.

Graduate of Camera Obscura Art School – Photography department (1995) and Curators Seminar (2003)

Studio owner: photographs women as a personal experience.

Gives one on one and small groups workshops on photography, developing the creative mind and creating a portfolio.

Co-founder of Grosso Modo Artist’s Collective

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[email protected]


Selected Exhibitions

Artist’s Statement

I watch, I listen. I think. I remember, I miss. I hurt. I feel. I move. I love.
I explore the broad meaning of the term “photography”. I have a dialogue with it, always checking if this is the right tool to express the ideas of my artistic work.
My family history motivates me to explore and touch the bare sadness. In loss and longing, but also in love.
My personal and cultural space is created from a continuous movement – from country to country, from language to language, from internal dialogues that I have with artists from various artistic fields, which are often a starting point as inspiration for a new series.
I work with manipulated photography. Layers Layers of images, (usually the ones I photographed, but not always), that I transform to one image on the screen of my computer.
I’m interested in movement, I shoot short videos, combine them with static images, or with other films. Add sound to them. I freeze one frame and turn it into a static image.
And at the same time, I keep writing. I write images, short stories.