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video art

I am interested in motion. I can’t get the effect I want just freezing the movement .

I want the sense of movement , the various places where the body moves in space, the moments the body perform movements with virtuosity , these moments where the body draws its special lines when he moved.

The” now” not really exist.  The camera try to capture this time that it’s the one  least scary people : yesterday has been deleted, tomorrow – who knows what will happen .

But “now” is a lie , and it is a frozen photography of movement . At photography in motion you can see all the components of the movement, the breathing , the moving light , the colors change, leaving traces of the body in space .

A movie simulates the movement of our eye . Nature photography freezes the movement. I do not want to succumb to the dictates of this technology .

On the other hand , I do not really want to shoot video . More interesting to me is to look at the movement within the framework of a given frame I choose , where  I have complete control over the choice of the frame , resulting in a still image that occurs in movement, small or large .

איך להיות אמנית

from the series “one of us”:





la stanza

 lunch box

[? Is anybody there]/[יש שם מישהו ?]

There is not one reality

everything has an opposite.

everything has a shadow,

even if you can not see it, the world is reflected in other bodies in space.

The shadow of the reality is so strange that seem created

as a result of contact with reality.

she will steal your heart

listen to me

loving birds



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