something is wrong

My family- life story, is marked by absences: father absence, mother absence. Lack of faith. Lack of compassion. Lack of continuity
I asked to connect the missing pieces, and complete the story: what mother did not know ,what dad did not know, what my sister does not know

The concept of my nucleus family  has changed and crumbled in front of me and left me with the absence. Beside the absence – a strong desire to re-invent the story, bits of reality that I am trying to recover as the best I can. A reality I am trying to place, to reconstruct and make from it a coherent sequence
In my artistic work, I deal with questions of identity. I used to think that my identity is divided into two: one Israeli, one Argentinean. One with dad, the other without a father. One sane, the other crazy. As I dug deeper in this issue, I realized that, like language, identity is not half / half, but two whole fused into one whole. Two mother tongues. Two identities. Two live tracks that make one
The search for the one place that can hold the two life stories, the two cultures, two languages, two identities, led me attempt to define, even visually, the essence of the word place

Once the house was the place
Apparently, everything was right there
But something went wrong

If deza is a place, then Déjà vu is a place where I thought I’ve been, what is this place

light boxes, 30*30 cm